Lenzing FR® - The Heat Protection Fiber


Protective Wear


熱と炎の危険性がある場所では常に、Lenzing FR®を見ることができます。Lenzing FR®は、火、放射熱、電気

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Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

Lenzing FR® has teamed up with industry partners to take flame resistant intervention clot

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Thursday, 18. September 2014

World’s largest TENCEL® factory opens its doors

The new TENCEL® factory is the hot topic at the Parisian trade shows. With the construction of the world’s largest production facility for Lyocell fibers, Lenzing demonstrates its innovative strength on an industrial scale.

Friday, 11. April 2014

TENCEL® Skin – winner of the INDEX™ 14 Awards from EDANA

During Index, largest Nonwovens fair in Geneva from 8.-11. April, EDANA announced the winner of the EDANA’s INDEX™ 14 Awards.