Lenzing FR® - The Heat Protection Fiber


Protective Wear


熱と炎の危険性がある場所では常に、Lenzing FR®を見ることができます。Lenzing FR®は、火、放射熱、電気

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Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

Lenzing FR® has teamed up with industry partners to take flame resistant intervention clot

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Wednesday, 19. November 2014

INVISTA and Lenzing announce latest collaboration: COOLMAX® fabric with TENCEL® fibre to be presented at Denim by Première Vision fair

BARCELONA, SPAIN – November 2014 - INVISTA, owner of the COOLMAX® brand, and LENZING, owner of the TENCEL® brand, are pleased to announce a second innovative collaboration in denim - COOLMAX® fabric blended with TENCEL® fibre. The two companies will give a joint presentation on this new development on November 20th at the Denim by Première Vision show in Barcelona.

Friday, 10. October 2014

Lenzing presents new study on the use of TENCEL® in hygiene products

At the “Outlook in Barcelona” conference, Lenzing shared results of consumer tests using TENCEL® BIOSOFT, an ultra-soft hydrophobic Lyocell fiber type, in the top-sheet of incontinence products.