Lenzing FR® - The Heat Protection Fiber


Protective Wear


熱と炎の危険性がある場所では常に、Lenzing FR®を見ることができます。Lenzing FR®は、火、放射熱、電気

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Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

Lenzing FR® has teamed up with industry partners to take flame resistant intervention clot

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Tuesday, 10. February 2015

Fiber innovation – Lenzing presents its new Micro Fiber

Lenzing presents another TENCEL® fiber innovation: A new micro version of the A100™ fiber type is now available. The new TENCEL® micro fiber complements the range of fibers offered for knitwear applications.

Thursday, 15. January 2015

TENCEL® - first medically tested fiber

The Lenzing Lyocell fiber TENCEL® is the first fiber to be medically tested according to the FKT test method criteria for body compatibility and toxic substances.