Wood Purchasing

Wood purchasing


  • To secure the supply of Lenzing AG with log wood from sustainable forestry
  • To supply Lenzing AG and the biomass power station Timelkam with bark and wood waste material for energy production
  • To handle trade transactions as a global partner for forestry

Fields of activity

Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, France, Belgium, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia, Switzerland

A little over half of the wood supply originates in Austria.

Manner and execution of purchasing

  • Direct purchasing by experts mainly from forst enterprises
  • Organizing loggings, selection of optimum means of transport
  • Logistics scheduling for continual supply
  • Monthly credit notes to wood suppliers and service providers

Wood assortments

  • Red beech pulp wood
  • Red beech chips
  • Birch pulp wood
  • Fir pulp wood
  • Fir chips
  • Biomass: Bark and chips
  • Articles of trade: All established types of wood and assortments