Facts & figures

Did you know that . . .

  • the modern term #sustainabilty was conceived by Central European foresters and has been practised for several centuries already. Therefore, every year 10 million cubic meters more wood are grown than harvested in Austria.
  • about 252.000 people in Austra earn their living fully or partially from wood. These are 115,000 employees and 137,000 forest owners with an area of more than two hectares.
  • 47% of Austria's area are forests, growing by 40 square kilometers annually.
  • the export surplus of the Austrian forest and timber industry is the biggest source of foreign earnings, ranking before tourism.
  • Austrian forests are only 15% state-owned and 85% privately owned. More than half of the forest area is made up of holdings with an area of less than 200 hectares.
  • the composition of Austrian forests has been described as mainly nature-oriented by an independent study of Vienna university.
  • utilizing wood is practised climate protection: A cubic meter of wood ties up 912 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) taken from the air. This is how long-lived wood products contribute to containing the green house effect.