Social responsibility

Social Responsibility

Building up and cultivating sustainable relationships with different stakeholder groups is an important factor contributing to the company’s long-term success. Sustainability as practiced by global companies does not just encompass environmental protection, but also a high degree of social and economic awareness.

The Lenzing Group is committed to an open dialogue with all stakeholders and strives to take the interests of all stakeholders into account.

The commitment to sustainability and occupational safety has been strengthened by the new business strategy of the Lenzing Group.

The Lenzing Group wants to satisfy all stakeholders by operating in a safe and sustainable manner according to the Code of Business Conduct. The Lenzing Group is committed to

  • reducing its eco-footprint for the benefit of our planet,
  • generating a profit for our investors,
  • and being an exciting employer for the people who work with us.  

People, Planet and Profit represent our corporate values. Based on these three pillars, Lenzing creates economic value for its stakeholders and the professional environment.  

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