Responsible sourcing
of wood and pulp

Lenzing considers it extremely important to have long-term and transparent business relationships with its wood and pulp suppliers. The prudent use of the raw material wood along with sustainability criteria are the basis for selecting wood and pulp suppliers.

In its Wood and Pulp Sourcing Policy, Lenzing is clearly committed to exclusively procuring wood and pulp from non-controversial sources.

In order to protect the world’s remaining ancient and endangered forests and the biodiversity and ecosystems integrity contained within these forests, Lenzing is committed to avoiding the use of wood and pulp containing wood sourced from regions such as the Canadian and Russian Boreal Forests, Coastal Temperate Rainforests, tropical forests and peatlands of Indonesia, the Amazon and West Africa.

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Certified and controlled sources

Wood certifications are becoming increasingly important. They have established themselves as a label for sustainable value creation and as a sign of a responsible approach to wood as a raw material. These quality labels by recognized organizations enable further processors to obtain chain-of-custody certifications themselves in accordance with the criteria in the product chain.

Lenzing uses FSC® and PEFC™ certification systems as verification that the wood is from sustainable sources.

More than 99% of Lenzing’s pulp and underlying wood are certified by or controlled in accordance with these two standards. 

As a company driven by innovation, the further development and expansion of Lenzing’s raw material base is an important part of the ongoing activities of the Lenzing Group. This comprises the raw material wood as well as the development and investigation of alternative, non-wood based, cellulose sources. Within the scope of these activities, Lenzing reserves itself the right to use and investigate small amounts of raw material that is submitted to a due diligence procedure largely following FSC® guidelines but may not yet be fully certified.

Total wood input at Lenzing production sites (2015)
Basis: processed pulp
Chart: Total wood input at Lenzing production sites (2015)

*Controlled wood sources are sources that meet the minimum requirements accepted by FSC® or PEFC™. These include implemented due diligence systems comprised of risk assessments and on-site audits based on the respective wood certificate standard.

20 year history of wood and pulp certification:

Lenzing is a leader in sustainably shaping the man-made cellulose industry thanks to its longstanding activities in this regard.


The Lenzing Group has been proactively and demonstrably engaged in responsible wood and pulp sourcing for more than 20 years. The first Lenzing Policy for Wood Procurement was issued in 1995 within the context of its ISO 9001 certification. Lenzing was a founding member of PEFC™ Austria and already boasted an FSC® certification at Group level in 2010.