Ecological responsibility


Pulp bleaching

Lenzing was one of the pioneers in the industry to advocate environmentally friendly dissolving wood pulp bleaching. Pulp produced at the Lenzing site has been bleached with totally chlorine-free chemicals for decades. The site at Paskov, Czech Republic, has also eliminated chlorine containing chemicals from bleaching by shifting its pulp bleaching from elemental chlorine-free (ECF - with chlorine-containing bleaches, no chlorine gas) to totally chlorine-free (TCF). Other pulp companies work mainly with elemental chlorine-free bleaching (ECF).

Pulp sources according to bleaching
Lenzing Group, own production and purchased dissolving wood pulp
Pulp bleaching

Since beginning of 2014 the factory in Paskov only supplies sustainable totally chlorine-free (TCF) dissolving wood pulp.