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Bioraffinery of wood at Paskov site

Paskov site

Biocel Paskov a.s. (Czech Republic) produces viscose pulp, intended for producing viscose fibers, with an annual capacity of 270 thousand tons. Secondary products are lignosulfonates and soda in light and granulated form.The basic raw material is wood mass purchased from certified sources.

The paper pulp technology was converted into viscose (dissolving) pulp producing technology between the years 2011 and 2013.

Additional measures to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and water were taken together with implementation of the new technology. The power supply concept also underwent major changes. Two new technological boilers for incinerating pulp leachate were built and incineration of black coal was stopped completely, with renewable energy resources - pulp leachate and wood and bark residue - being used as fuel instead. An excess of electrical energy is delivered to the public power grid.

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Renewable resources are supplemented by natural gas as necessary. Biocel Paskov a.s. is completely self-sufficient from the aspect of heat and electricity generation and the company supplies surplus electricity to the public grid. The company also regularly measures the noise and odour burden on the surrounding area.

The company’s goal is to gradually increase capacity, product quality and production efficiency.

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