Ecological responsibility

Eco-labels and awards

Eco-labels and awards

European eco-label

EU Ecolabel
European eco-label - most important benchmark for the Lenzing Group

In 2002, Lenzing became the first fiber producer in the world to be awarded the EU Ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel has been an important benchmark for the Lenzing Group ever since due to the strict criteria for awarding it and the high level of public recognition it enjoys.

The EU Ecolabel was established by the European Commission in 1992. It is an environmental quality label awarded to products and services that have less impact on the environment and on health throughout their entire life cycle than comparable substitute goods. Products bearing the EU Ecolabel are therefore among the most environmentally friendly in the industry.

Independent experts, scientists and NGOs devised the guidelines and criteria for awarding the EU Ecolabel in collaboration with the EU Member States. The criteria are determined on a scientific basis and take into account for the product’s entire product life cycle. Regular revisions ensure up-to-date assessments and the adaptation of criteria to new developments.

What this specifically means for a company in the chemical industry such as Lenzing is that strict criteria have to be met in pulp and fiber production, both with regard to emissions released to air or water and with regard to the handling of the chemicals used.  Aspects of the life cycle analysis are also included in the assessment.

The European Eco-Label helps consumers to identify environmentally friendly products of high quality. All products bearing the “Flower” have been checked by independent bodies for compliance with strict ecological and performance criteria.



TENCEL® and Lenzing Viscose® nonwovens fibers have been certified by DIN CERTCO as compostable products.


USDA Certified Biobased Product

The Biobased certification is part of the US Department of Agriculture BioPreferred program which encourages government agencies and contractors to purchase products that are biobased or made from significant amounts of biobased materials.

The following fibers are certified as 100% biobased:

  • Lyocell fibers: TENCEL®, TENCEL® A100 and TENCEL® LF
  • Modal fibers: Lenzing Modal®, Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss, MicroModal® and MicroModal® Edelweiss
  • Viscose fibers: Viscostar® (trilobal)

96% biobased:

  • Lenzing FR® inherent flame-retardant
  • Lenzing FR® inherent flame-retardant upholstery fibers


TENCEL®, Lenzing Viscose® and Lenzing Modal® (raw-white and COLOR) were awarded the “OK compost HOME” certificate from VINÇOTTE. The Belgian certification company VINÇOTTE examines and recognizes products which are suitable for both industrial composting as well as for the proper disposal in individual garden composters.


The new ECOCERT standard ERTS - Ecological & Recycled Textile Standard - stands for environmentally compatible production processes and high social standards in manufacturing. Defined TENCEL® fibers stamped with the EOCERT logo display the fact that they consistently fulfill these strict requirements, from the raw materials, production process, distribution and sales tot he end of the product life cycle.