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Nonwovens value chain

*) Manufacturer of wet wipes

Nonwovens value chain

Nonwovens is the specialized terms for fleece or nonwoven materials. Nonwovens made from Lenzing fibers are used for sanitary, medical and cosmetics applications as well as in households. Nonwoven fiber products are made by a variety of non-textile processes such as hydroentanglement and airlaid technology.

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Global team of specialists

Lenzing also offers its customers competent support on all technological issues pertaining to nonwovens.

With its global team of specialists from all areas of application for Lenzing Fibers, the customer can be provided with optimum service through local contact partners.

Since a majority of Lenzing nonwoven fibers are made into hygiene products, this segment is a special priority area. Customers benefit both from Lenzing’s extensive expertise and from the many certifications.

Other priority topics besides fiber characteristics and purity are special issues such as environmental impact, compostability and contact with foods.