Lenzinger Berichte

A recognized flagship of innovation

Lenzinger Berichte

Since first appearing in 1953, Lenzinger Berichte has been a fixed and regular part of research activities at Lenzing.

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Chemical Abstracts
Lenzinger Berichte is the only corporate publication worldwide listed in the Chemical Abstracts (the world’s most important evaluation service for original sources in chemical literature). This inclusion attests to the quality content in Lenzinger Berichte as well as to its position in scientific course.

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A renowned medium

A number of renowned researchers in the field of man-made cellulose and polymer fibers already use this medium to share their knowledge with industry and the academic community.

The topics range from research on pulp and fibers to production and process technologies or market and marketing aspects. #Sustainability is also a regular topic of scientific discussion.

Life Cycle Assessment

For example, specialists from the University of Utrecht produced a study in 2008 entitled “Life Cycle Assessment of Man-Made Cellulose Fibers” about the environmental impact of various fibers and published the full version in Lenzinger Berichte in 2010.