Fraudulent Use of the Lenzing Name

Wednesday, 25. June 2014

Within the last few days, serious incidents of identity theft took place in which the Lenzing name was misused in different ways and with fraudulent intent.

In one of the cases, goods were ordered from a Slovak firm by a non-existent company, “Lenzing Handel GmbH”. The invoice was sent to Lenzing, so that we now have to deal with our defense against these claims.

In the second case, one of our customers was asked via a forged Lenzing e-mail address to make a cash payment to a third party bank account.

We will make use of all the means at our disposal to take legal action against these activities, to prosecute the individuals involved and bring them to justice.

Reasonable suspicion exists that the Lenzing name is misused in many different ways. For this reason, we request that you notify your customers, suppliers and/or business partners, where appropriate, to carefully check and make sure that the account numbers, shipping addresses and similar data which they use are all correct. In particular, attention should be paid to the following:

  • An incorrect but similar-looking e-mail address
  • Unclear or strange shipping routes
  • Bank account information for payments to Lenzing which is usually provided on the order confirmation
  • Etc.

Legal Management & Compliance