Invitation to the 65th general shareholders' meeting of our company


to the 65th general shareholders' meeting of our company

at the Kulturzentrum Lenzing in 4860 Lenzing, Austria, on 23 April 2009 at 11 am


  • Presentation of the annual financial statements of Lenting AG and the Lenzing Group as at 31 December 2008, including the management reports and the report of the supervisory board on business year 2008.
  • Resolution on the distribution of the balance sheet profit as shown in the financial statement for 2008.
  • Resolution on the discharge of the management board and the supervisory board for business year 2008.
  • Elections to the supervisory board
  • Appointment of the auditors of the consolidated financial statements for business year 2009
  • Resolution on the authorization of the management board (valid for a maximum period of thirty months from the day of resolution) to buy company shares up to a total of 5% of the share capital in accordance with section 65, paragraph 1 Z 8 of the Austrian Joint Stock Companies Act (AktG) pending the approval of the supervisory board and on the definition of the terms and conditions of redemption (including the minimum amount of EUR 90.00 per share and the maximum amount of EUR 300.00 per share).

In order to be able to exercise their voting rights or to submit proposals, shareholders are obliged to deposit their shares at the company treasury

by Friday, 17 April 2009, latest.

The shares may also be deposited at UniCredit Bank Austria AG in Vienna, Oberbank AG in Linz, at the main branch of any Austrian bank, or at any Austrian notary public. In the latter case, the letter of deposit is to be submitted to the company by the day after the period of deposit expires, at the latest.In accordance with section 83, paragraph 2 Z 1 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act (BörseG) the company announces that a total of 3,675,000 individual share certificates with as many voting rights have been issued. Therefore a total of 3,675,000 voting rights are currently exercisable. Shareholders who have complied with the regulations detailed above and registered for the general shareholders' meeting are entitled to participate in the meeting either in person or by representative authorized in writing, and and are entitled to exercise their rights as shareholders, in particular the right to ask questions and to exercise their vote.

Annual Report

The annual report for 2008 will be available to the public upon its completion at the company in 4860 Lenzing and at UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Schottengasse 6-8, 1010 Wien, Austria. Concurrent with the publication of this invitation it is also available at

Lenzing, April 2009
The Management Board