Bed linen


Sensuality for your skin

The most sensual use for TENCEL® in the bed is in bed linen.
Bedlinen gets in direct contact with the skin and has to guarantee well-being during the sleep.

TENCEL® fulfills dreams thanks to its moisture management and skin friendliness. The TENCEL® fiber is used successfully in numerous applications in bedding – starting with mattresses to basic bedding and bed linens. This fiber is quite simply a dream come true.

Dreamy fabric

A good night’s sleep is just the thing for regeneration of body, soul and mind. There are many factors contributing towards a perfect sleep which result from finely balanced interaction of different TENCEL® sleep functions.

Pure Sensuality

TENCEL® bed linen is extremely smooth and ensures body-hugging well-being. The smooth fiber structure is responsible for the silky hand of TENCEL® bed linen and gives the dream fabrics a natural sheen. Softness coupled with sensuality lead to such stuff, as dreams are made on.

Beauty as you sleep

TENCEL® pampers your skin like a night cream. The skin-sensory properties of moisture management and skin friendliness mean that TENCEL® guarantees a well balanced skin climate. Even as you sleep your skin can breathe and rejuvenate when covered with TENCEL®.

Dream partner

The dream fiber TENCEL® comes from Nature, because it is made from the replenishable raw material wood. The fiber is bio-degradable and, therefore, a dream partner for cotton. The two fibers are persuasive, due to their naturalness and similar fiber properties.

Botanic bed - the concept of dreams

One should not separate things which go well together. Thus there is a special TENCEL® fiber for each element in the bed. Filling fibers for mattresses and basic bedding and micro fibers for the very finest dreamy bed linens. A bed of botanic origin for relaxing dreams.