Heavenly soft

The very finest luxury textiles are no longer just a dream.

Thanks to Lenzing Modal®, micro fiber clothing which enfolds the body in an embrace so light it is almost imperceptible, has become a reality. Heavenly softness caresses the skin with the finest Lenzing fibers MicroModal® and MicroModal®AIR by Edelweiss technology.

Botanic Silk by Edelweiss technology

MicroModal® - perfect fineness and softness

MicroModal® deserves the name of Edelweiss for it‘s eco-friendly production process. Edelweiss stands for the gentle treatment of the environment. The fiber is made of European beechwood and is completely natural. MicroModal® is CO2 neutral and is produced at the Lenzing site in Austria. Since the facility is fully integrated – the pulp and fibers are produced in a symbiotic manner – production synergies are optimized, energy is conserved, and valuable substances are recovered from the process. MicroModal® is pure and natural like the Edelweiss.

MicroModal® - perfect fineness and softness 

MicroModal® cultivates luxurious cotton

Long-staple cotton stands for quality.

Enhanced with MicroModal®, textiles with long-staple cotton are characterized by outstanding luxury. Because of MicroModal®’s botanic origin, it is particularly eco-friendly and its fineness is comparable to natural silk. The resulting sheen, softness, and naturalness are unparalleled. Quite simply, the result is pure luxury as tests have proven.*

CO2 neutral softness

* softness was measured according to the Kawabata method (Kawabata’s Evaluation System for Fabrics).
* softness was measured according to the Kawabata method (Kawabata’s Evaluation System for Fabrics).

The finer, the softer. MicroModal® is the perfect softener for long-staple cotton. Adding 50% MicroModal® to cotton significantly increases the softness factor as the test shows. Softness is critical after all. Determined by the fabric’s flexing resistance, softness affects the drape, hand, slinkiness, and creasing behavior.

More botanic sheen

MicroModal® bringt jeden Stoff zum Strahlen.

MicroModal® makes every fabric shine. The colors are bright and remain both vibrant and intensive. MicroModal®’s smooth fiber surface makes fabrics shine perceptibly more intensively than 100% cotton fabrics. Even a small admixture of MicroModal® adds natural, botanic sheen to the end product.

Quality by Edelweiss technology

MicroModal® and long-staple cotton are made for each other. Due to the fiber’s ability to be mercerized and its high alkali resistance, MicroModal® is ideal for cotton blends. Even tone-in-tone dyeing is no problem. Indeed it is a perfect partner for cotton.

The strength of a brand

MicroModal® is a globally registered brand of Lenzing AG.

MicroModal® is a globally registered brand of Lenzing AG. Thanks to a certification system implemented at global level, customers can be sure that if it says MicroModal® on the textile, then quality and heavenly softness are guaranteed.



Tuesday, 10. February 2015

Fiber innovation – Lenzing presents its new Micro Fiber

Lenzing presents another TENCEL® fiber innovation: A new micro version of the A100™ fiber type is now available. The new TENCEL® micro fiber complements the range of fibers offered for knitwear applications.

Thursday, 15. January 2015

TENCEL® - first medically tested fiber

The Lenzing Lyocell fiber TENCEL® is the first fiber to be medically tested according to the FKT test method criteria for body compatibility and toxic substances.