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Sustainability in the Lenzing Group

The renewable raw material wood serves as the starting point for the Lenzing Group’s products, namely man-made cellulose fibers. The principles of sustainable business development are embedded at Lenzing due to this raw material basis, and are thus practiced on all levels throughout the entire Lenzing Group.

The Lenzing Group has been committed to the fundamental principles of sustainable development for many years. For Lenzing, operating profitably is equally important to achieving a social balance and safeguarding the ecological basis of life. The cornerstones of sustainable business development are the long-term, competitive creation of value in production as well as the most prudent use of resources. Lenzing is also aware of its corporate social responsibility, and thus focuses on creating human-friendly working conditions against the backdrop of a very difficult globally competitive environment.

Sustainability in the Lenzing Group


Monday, 16. September 2013

60 years of Lenzinger Berichte – A Recognized Flagship of Lenzing’s Innovations Celebrates its Birthday

Lenzinger Berichte (Lenzing Reports) is the only corporate publication worldwide which is listed in “Chemical Abstracts”, the world’s most important evaluation service for original sources of chemical literature. This underlines the quality content of Lenzinger Berichte as well as its position in ongoing scientific discourse. This year the publication is releasing its 91st issue on the occasion of its 60th birthday. ...

Thursday, 27. June 2013

fibre PLUS 2013 Ends Up in Lenzing’s Net

Award for vegetable nets made of Lenzing Modal® Color at this year’s printissimo|embalissimo|fibre PLUS