Lignines constitute one of the most common natural substances. The release liquor generated during pulping in accordance with the acid magnesium bisulphite process is evaporated to a solid matter content of approximately 60%. The natural organic Magnesium-Lignosulphonate, which readily dissolves in water, is brown in colour and is used amongst other things as a fixing and pelletising auxiliary agent and as a dispersing and annealing agent in the concrete industry.

Fields of application

  • Animal food industry
  • Ceramics industry
  • Production of fireproof bricks
  • Tanning agent industry
  • Clipboard and fiber board industry
  • Auxiliary materials for the construction industry
  • Fertilizer industry

Production sites

Lenzing, Paskov

Delivery form

In bulk (watery solution)


Truck, rail, container


In vessels made of acid-proof steel

Customs tariff number

38 04 00 00