Joining a hidden champion

Joining a hidden champion

The market is changing and our international Lenzing Group along with it. Our sustainable fiber products will continue to thrive. Lenzing is one of the leading companies on the cellulose fiber market.

We produce soft fibers from wood, as well as pulp, and deliver them to 80 countries in the world. Newcomers with fresh ideas are always needed in our expert culture. Our training processes offers them development for decades.

Consumers are increasingly attaching more importance today to environmentally-compatible products and sustainable production processes. Lenzing is fully in line with this trend. Check it out.

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What does one make from Lenzing fibers?

Cellulose fibers of the Lenzing Group are further processed by our customers, for example in spinning mills, which in turn supply textile producers by manufacturing various fabrics for clothing, decorations or protection (e.g. fire fighting suits). For this purpose Lenzing also offers technical support. Some fibers are also directly felted to make fleece materials used as absorbent nonwoven materials for hygienic or medical engineering applications, such as biodegradable wipes for cars, cosmetics and baby care.

Our research department is naturally also working on other technical applications and strives to achieve steady process improvements.